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[audio]Мөрөөдлийн Кэмп
Sound Track 1
Keywords: Sound Track
Downloads: 17
[audio]Practise your pronunciation with easy words and sentences, includes sound track:) - ¡Amor_y_paz!
Everybody invited!
Downloads: 26
[audio]sound track games
sound track games
Keywords: sound track games
Downloads: 153
[audio]a sound track
a sound track
Keywords: a sound track
Downloads: 26
[audio]Misterio e Perseguição
Orchestral 30 seconds music for film, video or animated cartoon with intense and myterious mood
Keywords: Movie; Sound Track
Downloads: 385
[audio]Triton MIDI - Kevin C. Salmon
This work was created on the Fruity Loops 8 program in conjunction with the Triton keyboard as a MIDI controller.
Keywords: Beat; Instrumental; Sound Track
Downloads: 60
[audio]Islamabad - Andrew Pearce
sound track music.
Keywords: Sound track; Instrumental music; Atmosphere
Downloads: 120
[audio]Temple - Rafael Garcia Perdigon
New Age instrumental track composition
Keywords: New Age Instrumental Sound Track
Downloads: 336
[audio]Road Trippin by GimaS
Это просто запись...
Keywords: rhcp road trippin sound track
Downloads: 26
[audio]Sessao das Seis 18
Decima oitava edicao do programa Sessao das Seis, veiculado na Radio UFSCar as 18h do dia 09/10/09
Keywords: Radio Show; Radio UFSCar; Sound Track
Downloads: 11
[audio]Winds Whispering Across Everlasting Snows - Out Of Orion (Ox3)
Sort of a catch-all CD of various tracks. Some already appear here on archive.org. Some maybe not.
Keywords: spoken word; ambient; techno; sound track
Downloads: 12
[movies]channelztvmix1 - ChannelZtv.Com
Mix of Remington shaving peach and brush, and the Mum's Deodorant commercials from the Prelinger Archives It was made as a demo for the free editing software downloaded from the film makers page at www.ChannelZtv.Com Total time to make this 1 min. clip, 28 min. format WMV
Keywords: commercials,mix,sound track,wmv; Prelinger Archives
Downloads: 1,245 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]BesTechno2009 - ShinyStar
Sound Track, Techno Genre, MP3 Format
Keywords: techno * sound clip * sound track * music
Downloads: 15
[audio]Upbeat Horror Movie Soundtrack - Xenophobe
Ominous instrumental composition recorded in the 90's with MIDI PC and keysboard... I was trying to avoid repetition of common patterns or some crap...
Keywords: instrumental; sound track; horror; cinematic; new wage
Downloads: 4,391 3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars(5 reviews)
[audio]Aukopi - Suppress the Specters - Aukopi
Suppress the Specters by Aukopi (formerly The Okapi) is a sharp journey though sound. The adventure you go on with this project is quite amazing. So many impressive sounds designed and arranged to set the atmosphere and transform wherever you are into a new world to explore.
Keywords: electronic; experimental; sound design; sound track; psychedelic
Downloads: 21
[audio]Michel Schiralli : Music From The Motion Picture Coyote - Michel Schiralli
Artist : Michel Schiralli Album name : Music From The Motion Picture CoyoteCatalog# : KM-MIC001Release Date (GMT) : 2013-07-22Artist website (alias is H.P. Sneakstep) : H.P. Sneakstep's FacebookKarakasa website : KarakasaMusic.com Facebook This album is available for download HERE.
Keywords: Karakasa Music; soundtrack; sound track; experimental music; industrial music
Downloads: 7
[audio]Neutronic - RZ3000
An audio piece created in MADT 303 - SOUND II class We had to keep it under 10minutes and could only use sound samples of a randomly choosen classmate. They had to create 25 sounds for their "soundbank" of effects. My samples were created by Peter Redecopp.
Keywords: audio'art'sound'track'loop'glitch'soundbank'madt'dugas'effects'audacity'micro'post'digital'future
Downloads: 340
[audio]Technetium Conversations With God - Technetium
Conversations with God captures a moment as time stood still, a creation, a balance. Enjoy pianos set against a gentle beat. Angels sing in the background in communion with our Lord.A gentle classical guitar harmonizes to create Conversations with God by Technetium. Technetium is a proponent of the Free Music Movement, and as such, the music of Technetium may always be downloaded for free. Some of her music is donated to the community audio...
Keywords: Technetium; Conversations with God; Christian; Instrumental; Remnant; Movie music; sound track
Downloads: 94
[audio]Paradigm Shift - David Clark
My fourth incarnation of this. I've been working on this for the last couple of weeks. It is an interim phase between another song I have called Ezekiel's Wheel and one I would like to do called Ezekiel's Temple. I did it all with Linux/opensource using Ardour, Hydrogen, ZynAddSubFx and my Yamaha PSR-420 cheapie keyboard for sounds and a controller. This version has sound production done by my son, Daniel, who wants to go into sound engineering.
Keywords: christian, ambient, progressive, odd meter, cyclical, minimalist, Bible, sound track, veedgo
Downloads: 42
[audio]Pastorale - David Clark
This is symphonic piece where I was intrigued by how good some of the orchestral sounds in this general midi soundfont were. I used the string sounds in my previous song, Field of Broken Dreams. This started as a blank piece of paper just a week and a half ago and I wanted to see where it would go. I was thinking of doing a pastorale type of piece. I actually came up with the bass line first and the melody last...
Keywords: hydrogen, fluidsynth, qsynth, open source, symphonic, sound track, classical, dramatic, melancholy, scenic, ardour, veedgo
Downloads: 84
[audio][BE023] the pace where tapeworms goes to die is filled with black sound track 04 298137
Keywords: b[BE023] the pace where tapeworms goes to die is filled with black sound track 04 298137
Downloads: 97
[audio][BE023] the pace where tapeworms goes to die is filled with black sound track 03 091238
Keywords: [BE023] the pace where tapeworms goes to die is filled with black sound track 03 091238
Downloads: 26
[audio][BE023] the pace where tapeworms goes to die is filled with black sound track 02 982372
. . . . . ...
Keywords: [BE023] the pace where tapeworms goes to die is filled with black sound track 02 982372
Downloads: 24
[audio]decomentarium : dementia - decomentarium
tribute to the classic 'dementia' aka 'daughter of horror'. go to decomentarium on myspace for more horror tributes.
Keywords: dementia; daughter of horror; john parker; parker; horror; soundtrack; spooky; eerie; haunting; sound track; fright night; halloween; cult horror
Downloads: 1,824
[movies]DJ Rokkgod - Nosferatu - Cedric Rokkgod
This is a track entitled "Nosferatu" from the experimental artist DJ Rokkgod. It is used here as a soundtrack and set to an edited version of the classic movie.
Keywords: DJ Rokkgod; Nosferatu; Vampire; Vampyre; Classic Horror; Sound track; Avant Garde; Experimental Music; Sound Scape; Noise Art
Downloads: 235
[audio]Viagem 01 Piano Improvisation - Marcos Oliva
Acoustic piano improvisation by Marcos OlivaSound track of the documentary "Why?" Filmed in Auschwitz, Poland, by Daniel Johnson Films www.danieljohnsonfilms.co.uk
Keywords: Sound Track; Experimental; Improvisations and Jazz; Instrumental; Alternative; Contemporary Brazilian Music; Classical Experimental; Piano Music; Piano Music; Brazilian
Downloads: 3,032
[audio]decomentarium : the terror - decomentarium
tribute to 'the terror' go to decomentarium on myspace for more horror tributes.
Keywords: the terror; boris karloff; nicholson; jack nicholson; roger corman; corman; horror; soundtrack; spooky; eerie; ghost; ghosts; haunting; witch; sound track; fright night; halloween; cult horror; tribute
Downloads: 173
[audio]decomentarium : little hotel of horrors - decomentarium
tribute to the classic 'horror hotel'aka 'city of the dead'. go to decomentarium on myspace for more horror tributes.
Keywords: horror hotel; city of the dead; christopher lee; lee; horror; soundtrack; spooky; eerie; witch; burning; stake; ghost; ghosts; haunting; sound track; fright night; halloween; cult horror; tribute
Downloads: 103
[audio]decomentarium : the living dead - decomentarium
song build around samples taken from the 1968 classic 'night of the living dead'. go to decomentarium on myspace for more horror tributes.
Keywords: night of the living dead; romero; george romero; horror; soundtrack; spooky; eerie; zombie; sound track; fright night; halloween; cult horror; tribute
Downloads: 278
[audio]decomentarium : haunted house - decomentarium
tribute to 'the house on haunted hill'. go to decomentarium on myspace for more horror tributes.
Keywords: house on haunted hill; vincent price; horror; soundtrack; spooky; eerie; ghost; ghosts; haunting; sound track; fright night; halloween; cult horror; tribute
Downloads: 317
[audio]haunted hill - decomentarium
tribute to the 1959 classic 'the house on haunted hill' starring vincent price.
Keywords: the house an haunted hill; vincent price; horror; soundtrack; spooky; eerie; ghost; ghosts; sound track; fright night; halloween; cult horror; tribute
Downloads: 710
[audio]Decay (2012) O S T - Tom McLaughlan / H2ZZ Productions
The original soundtrack for Decay, a zombie film made and set at the Large Hadron Collider, CERN, by physics students. Composed by Tom McLaughlan, performed by Tom and Katie McLaughlan.
Keywords: OST; original soundtrack; soundtrack; sound track; music; free; zombie; decay; physics; cern; lhc; large hadron collider; b-movie; bmovie; b movie; film; movie; indie; independent
Downloads: 157
[audio]Escape From the Prison Camp - Anthony Berlin
An orchestral piece about a prisoner escaping the prison camp where he is being kept prisoner. It's not meant to be a drama, but more of an adventure kind of track.
Keywords: orchestra; orchestral; orchestral arrangement; orchestra arrangement; film score; filmscore; film track; ost; soundtrack; sound track; orchestral track; film music; classical music; neu classical music; neo classical music; neuclassical music; neoclassical music; orchestral piece
Downloads: 58
[unknown]Leemonster Life The Advertisement FULL HIGH Bitrate in Zip Folder - Leemonster
Leemonster presents LIFE: The Advertisement. "The dwindling soundtrack to a non-existent film." .Zip folder includes -entire album in high bitrate. -Album artwork. Size: 74.3MB Tracklisting: 01. Asteroid (1:44) 02. December Killed The Sun (1:54) 03. Dizzy Cold Feeling (3:04) 04. There's Four Now (2:28) 05. Signal (2:07) 06. Quit The Movie (4:19) 07. Retraceable Identifiable (1:31) 08. (This song was called) Let (3:02) 09...
Keywords: leemonster; life the advertisement; life; advertisement; soundtrack; sound track; movie; film; instrumental; beats; hip hop; experimental; avante garde; satire; soundclips; nwo; new world order; 911; 911 truth; police state; revolutionary; illuminati
Downloads: 31
[texts]BSTJ 8: 1. January 1929: Sound Recording with the Light Valve. (MacKenzie, Donald)
Bell System Technical Journal, 8: 1. January 1929 pp 173-183. Sound Recording with the Light Valve. (MacKenzie, Donald)
Keywords: sound; valve; mils; light; negative; positive; recording; film; gamma; modulation; technical journal; system technical; light valve; sound negative; sound recording; unmodulated track; bell system; sound record; sound track; lamp current
Downloads: 65
[texts]BBC Monograph Number 27
BBC Monograph 27: The Equipment of the BBC Television Studios at Ealing. N.F. Chapman.
Keywords: film; sound; television; bbc; interlock; studio; equipment; magnetic; dubbing; ealing; transfer suite; sound transfer; television film; magnetic film; magnetic sound; film studios; television service; film production; sound track; film dubbing
Downloads: 54
[texts]Psychoanalysis And Cinema - The Imaginary Discourse - Charles F. Altman
Psychoanalysis And Cinema - The Imaginary Discourse - Charles F. Altman
Keywords: film; mirror; imaginary; image; cinema; metz; psychoanalytic; kuntzel; dream; metaphor; psychoanalytic semiotics; mirror stage; mirror image; dangerous game; viewing situation; sound track; mirror metaphor; imaginary relationship; film theory; classical narrative
Downloads: 81
[texts]A Critical Cinema - Interviews With Independent Filmmakers
A Critical Cinema - Interviews With Independent Filmmakers
Keywords: film; films; cinema; sound; critical; shot; filmmakers; images; silent; critical cinema; ernie gehr; sound track; kenneth anger; san francisco; alan berliner; phil solomon; peggy ahwesh; nathaniel dorsky; intimate stranger
Downloads: 247
Keywords: stereo; arc; sound; fidelity; music; chevalier; high; records; musical; high fidelity; speaker system; tape recorder; kit model; fidelity magazine; frequency response; sound track; stereo control; volume control; stereo system
Downloads: 47
[audio]Black Steel Peacock - OST - Ryan Scott
The new lineup of Black Steel Peacock consisting of Ryan, Justin, Jeff, Erik, and Gaetana kick things off by recording for an upcoming sci fi film. The details of everything are not final, but this page will be edited to include credits, art, and more when it is made available. The OST (original soundtrack) contains one track: Abundance of Disks (Sorrow of Disks), a name stemming from BSP's obsession with the occult, and in this case, a deck of Thoth tarot by Aleister Crawley abnd Lady Frieda Ha...
Keywords: black steel peacock; OST; sound track; sci fi; abundance of disks; sorrow of disks; occult; tarot; aleister crawley; lady frieda harris; egypt; thoth; noise; harshnoise; harsh jams; krautrock; ambient; electronica; new age; massachusetts; ncma; a million hands records; experimental; new lineup; space rock; boston; worcester; fitchburg; shirley; leominster; gardner; robot funk; synth; drum machine; crazy music
Downloads: 92
[audio]Innocent Bad Boy AK JADON - ak jadon
some call me badboy...while some say that am a good boy......who are mine....tell them that am INNOCENT BADBOY...tell them that i'm a ghetto good boy...i'm good or bad boy
Keywords: innocent badboy; ak jadon; hiphop; classical; afrobeat; afromusic; jazz; rock; new age; metal; alternative; pop; trance; techo; electro; african music; nigeria music; asia music; india music india artist; america music; america artist; european music; european artist; french artist; french music; 50cent; d'banj; justin babier; lady gaga; taylo swift; rihanna; madonna; indie; bongo; tradition; free download; new music; latest music; current song; upcoming artist; superstar; jamaica artist; jamaica music; german hiphop; uk music; akon; rkelly; beyonce; christ brown; pquare; terry g; timaya; wiz kid; sound track; beat and drum; new release; google search; google play; ghana music; south africa music; kenya music; track and audio; african artist; asia artist; european artist; america artist; n.korea music; n.korea artist; uk artist
Downloads: 65
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